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Domain Name Services
Naming your Hosting Account

When you register for our calendar hosting service we create a hosting account for you. The URL of that account is:


The value 'ACCOUNT_NAME' may be any value you like (for example 'mycalendar'). In technical terms this account is a subdomain of our main hosting site. This subdomain is created when you register your account. This URL will always be accessible for your calendar.

Domain Name Services

There are two other ways to name the URL used to access your account: parked domains and external subdomains.

Each of these options is available for a one-time fee of $99.95 payable on initial setup. You are required to be the registered owner of the domain name in question (see register.com). You may also need to change the domain name pointers at your registrar and/or adjust the domain name entries in the domain's name servers.

Parked Domains

A parked domain is simply an alias to your account domain. The two URLs may be used interchangably. For example you may wish to park the following domain on your account:


When users enter either http://mycalendar.calendarhost.com or http://www.mycalendar.com they will arrive at the same place using this feature.

External Subdomains

An external subdomain allows you use a subdomain of your own company's domain name (in addition to the subdomain of http://www.calendarhost.com). For example you may wish to use the domain name:


This feature would require you to make modifications to your own server's domain name server entries. This will probably require technical support from your own people.

Please contact us for more information on this feautre.

Users include:

Stratford Independent School District

Western North Carolina Library Network

Farmington R-7 School District


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